Friday, December 16, 2005

Visual Resources Association

VRA Core 4.0 Beta Draft documents and XML schema are now available for perusal on vraweb. These documents can be accessed from the "What's New" column on the VRA home page or from the new Data Standards home page.

At this site, there are links to the following documents:

  • Introduction
  • Element Outline
  • Element Description
  • VRA Core XML Schema and Examples page.
This last page has links to two XML schemas (one lax and one strict) and a number of examples submitted by DSC members. Each example has 2 data "views," created by xslt stylesheets to illustrate how the XML data may be formatted for different kinds of display, in addition to a raw XML data view. At the bottom of this page are links to an XML validator, some XML information sites, and the stylesheets and java source code used to format the examples.

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