Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Additions to the MARC Code Lists for Relators, Sources, Description Conventions

The codes listed below have been recently approved for use in MARC 21 ecords. The codes will be added to the online MARC Code Lists for elators, Sources, Description Conventions.

The codes should not be used in exchange records until after March 10, 2006. This 60-day waiting period is required to provide MARC 21 implementers time to include newly defined codes in any validation tables they may apply to the MARC fields where the codes are used.

MARC Term, Name, Title Sources & Other Sources

These codes are for use in subfield $2 in Bibliographic and Community Information records in fields 600-651 and 655 and in subfield $2 in Authority records in fields 700-788. Although some of these codes are represented by second indicator values in 6XX fields in the Bibliographic format and in 7XX fields in the Authority format, they may be used in situations where the second indicator is not adequate and/or appropriate to identify the source. An example is in non-MARC records where the MARC source code list is used, e.g. the MODS authority attribute.
  • lacnaf - Library Archives Canada name authority file (Ottawa: ON: Library Archives Canada) [Equivalent to second indicator value 5 in name and title headings] [Use only after March 10, 2006]

  • nalnaf - National Agricultural Library name authority file (Beltsville, Maryland; National Agricultural Library) [Equivalent to second indicator value 3 in name and title headings] [Use only after March 10, 2006]

  • nlmnaf - National Library of Medicine name authority file (Bethesda, Maryland: National Library of Medicine) [Equivalent to second indicator value 2 in name and title headings] [Use only after March 10, 2006]

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