Friday, January 27, 2006


Some news from MyLibrary.
We have created an additional MyLibrary end-user interface that will be distributed with the Perl modules:

The interface supports browse by facet and term, as well as search. The administrative interface allows you to add facets, terms, location types, and resources. It then provides the means to index the whole thing and make it accessible via SRU. The back-end can export the content of the database and make it available as an OAI data repository.
I have written a MyLibrary tutorial describing how to take advantage of version 3.0's object-oriented modules:

By the end of the tutorial the reader should be able to: create sets of facets, create sets of terms, create sets of librarians, create sets of location types, create sets of resources, classify librarians and resources with terms, work with sets of resources assoicated with particular sets of terms, output the resources' titles, descriptions and locations, create a freetext index of MyLibrary content, harvest OAI repositories and cache the content in a MyLibrary database.

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