Friday, January 06, 2006

Open WorldCat or COinS

I received a good question about choosing between Amazon and Open WorldCat, "Why not use COinS?" Why not indeed? There is now a COinS generator, so it should be simple to create them. However, when I use I get not the link but all the metadata showing. I'll have to read a bit more to see what the problem could be.

COinS has not received as much attention as it deserves, so here is some information

The goal is to embed citation metadata into html in such a way that processing agents can discover, process and make use of the metadata. Since an important use of this metadata will be to allow processing agents to make OpenURL hyperlinks for users in libraries (latent OpenURL), the method must allow the metadata to be placed any where in HTML that a link might appear. In the absence of some metadata-aware agent, the embedded metadata must be invisible to the user and innocuous with respect to HTML markup. To meet these requirements, the span element was selected. The NISO OpenURL ContextObject is selected as the specific metadata package. The resulting specification is named "ContextObject in SPAN" or COinS for short.

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pbinkley said...

When you type an ISBN into the COinS Generator, you should see the copy-and-pastable link in a textarea below the table with all the metadata, under the heading "Here is your COinS". Here's an example.