Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Federated Searching

Patel, Yatrik and Vijayakumar, J. K. and Ramesh, Badnapuri (2002) Ontological metadata approach for accessing distributed web content : a proposed model for bibliographic databases. In Homayoun, Behrous, Eds. Proceedings First Euro-Asian Conference on Advances in Information and Communication Technology (EURASIA ICT 2002), pp. 487-491, Shiraz (Iran).
Content in Distributed servers, located at various locations, mostly non homogenous in nature with different platforms, different OS, different format becoming a big challenge for information professionals. This paper proposes a model for how to map relational bibliographic databases such as library databases/catalogues and bring these content in to a single homogenous platform irrespective of its multiple platforms and provides access through a single (gateway or portal) and what are the tools and techniques to be used. A detailed discussion on tool for data mining from various RDBMS, a common pool for data mapping, interfacing non homogenous data mines at distributed locations through ontological Metadata approach and display through XML etc are presented in this paper. The implementation of the proposed model by data mining, mapping the bibliographical relations, pool for interfacing, and mechanism of accessing the content through are also described.

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