Thursday, February 02, 2006

Institutional Identifier for Serials

From the Serials e-News, NASIG Edition comes this description of the Journals Supply Chain
The British Library, HighWire Press, Ringgold Inc., Swets Information Services B.V. and HighWire-affiliated publishers have announced a pilot initiative, Journal Supply Chain. The companies have joined to explore the creation, prototype implementation and value of a common institutional identifier that can be used throughout the industry, from purchaser to end user.
I'm all for identifiers, but unless I'm missing something don't we already have the Standard Address Number (SAN) Agency? Here is how it is described
The Standard Address Number (SAN) is a unique seven-digit identifier used to signify a specific address of an organization in (or served by) the publishing industry. It is an American National Standard, ANSI/NISO Z39.43-1993.

This system, initiated and maintained by R.R. Bowker, has become THE identification code for electronic communication within the industry.

It is the method used by PUBNET, X*NET and systems and is required in all electronic data interchange communications using the Book Industry Systems Advisory Committee (BISAC) EDI formats.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the British don't like the American NISO standard, and want their own? Got me.