Friday, February 03, 2006

Microphone Suggestions?

Anyone have a suggestion for a decent inexpensive microphone to be used in podcasts?


Greg Schwartz said...

How inexpensive? I just received a Shure SM-48 mic that I'm pretty sure cost around $60. I just looked online and it appears to be retailing presently for $69. Probably a better deal out there somewhere.

nichole said...

We got a Logitech for ca. $30 that sounds good, with voice at least. Haven't tried it with music yet. Froogle has even better prices.

Anonymous said...

The Shure SM-58 is always a great choice for voice. About $100, and you can be using the mic that singers the world over use. Next time you're at any event that has amplified voice, take a close look: eight times out of ten they'll be using an SM-58.

- Librarian, and former live sound engineer