Thursday, February 23, 2006


APIs are a great way to share metadata, one thing we have lots to share. However, each API is a custom job. Using it requires adhering to the particular conditions of each site. Creatng one requires starting from scratch. More places would have one, if they did not require so much work to construct. More places would find uses for the iformation, if they did not have to write code for each place. Welcome unAPI.
unAPI is a simple website API convention. There are many wonderful APIs and protocols for syndicating, searching, and harvesting content from diverse services on the web. They're all great, and they're all already widely used, but they're all different. We want one API for the most basic operations necessary to perform simple clipboard-copy functions across all sites. We also want this API to be able to be easily layered on top of other well-known APIs.

The objective of unAPI is to enable web sites with HTML interfaces to information-rich objects to simultaneously publish richly structured metadata for those objects, or those objects themselves, in a predictable and consistent way for machine processing.

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