Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Dublin Core

Lots of news from the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative. Check out their news page for all the latest. The one I find most useful is an agreement has been signed on DCMI Conference Paper Repository
An agreement was signed in March 2006 concerning the hosting of the DCMI Conference Paper Repository. The repository is managed by Joe Tennis of the University of British Columbia, Canada, and hosted at Simon Fraser University Library in Canada. The collection includes all papers and posters of the DCMI conferences in Florence (2002), Seattle (2003), Shanghai (2004) and Madrid (2005). The Repository is built on open source software (Linux and Apache Tomcat) and displayed through Siderean Software's Seamark faceted navigation. Access is available through the link to 'Conference Papers' in the left-hand navigation bar on the DCMI Home page.
It includes both search and faceted access. Nice.

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