Thursday, March 30, 2006

Future of Cataloging

This news from Indiana:
The Indiana University Libraries are now making public a report produced by our Future of Cataloging Task Force, titled A White Paper on the Future of Cataloging at Indiana University, that might be of interest to some of you in the metadata librarian community. Our charge was in many ways similar to the charge to the U.C. Bibliographic Services task force which recently released their own report, but the two reports differ in interesting ways.
They recommend:
  • Facilitate the formation of new partnerships between cataloging departments and other units, both internal and external to the libraries.
  • Actively seek ways to build on catalogers existing expertise and expand their work into other forms of non-MARC metadata.
  • Review internal cataloging operations at the local and system-wide levels with the goal of gaining improved efficiencies.
  • Continue to monitor and prepare for the evolution of the online catalog.


Steve said...

It looks like an extra period crept in at the end of the URL in your link to the white paper; I was getting a 404 until I took a close look at the URL. Just a heads-up.

David said...

Fixed the link. Thanks for letting me know. Dave.