Tuesday, March 21, 2006

MyLibrary Manual

Now availabile, the MyLibrary manual called Designing, Implementing, and Maintaining Digital Library Services and Collections with MyLibrary.
The book is a manual, and its purpose is to outline the principles and processes necessary to implement digital library collections and services. It uses MyLibrary as an example but the principles and processes can be applied to just about any digital library system or application.

The manual is intended to be read by administrators who need to know what and how many resources to allocate to a digital library. It is intended to be read by librarians who are responsible for collecting and organizing content as well as ensuring the library's usability. The manual is intended to be read by systems administrators who are in charge of providing the technical infrastructure for the system. Last but not least, it is intended for programers who will use the underlying Perl API to provide services against the collection.

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