Thursday, March 02, 2006


Dan Chudnov continued his work on unAPI. Now the slides from his talk at Code4Lib are available. As a rule, I don't link to slides. However, I think this is the best idea since RSS. Think of the implications. Any site can easily install an API to their data. No fancy programming needed. Since sites are using a standard API, tools developed for one site will work on plenty of others. Redundant work is greatly reduced. Now data is free to work harder, mash-ups are easy. Data flow is easier.

Informancy asked what is the next big thing? Mash-ups would get my vote. And leading the way to easy mash-ups is the unAPI.

BTW I found out that Amazon can supply records in MODS from Dan's site. How useful could that be?

P.S. I've heard from Dan Chudnov that I had the info about Amazon outputting MODS records wrong. His tool reformats their output into a MODS record. Makes more sense.

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