Friday, March 24, 2006

Windows Generator for Google SiteMap-Files

Another Web site metadata creation tool. The Windows Generator for Google SiteMap-Files can help create a file for Google to index your site.
Google Sitemaps allow the webmaster to help Google index their sites more effectively. According to Google it will not effect the Search-Rankings, but you never know :). At the very least it will allow Google to figure out which URLs on your sites are worthwhile to check out more often and which ones stay static for longer periods of time.

My GSiteCrawler will help create the XML files needed for Google Sitemaps.

There is a discussion group for this tool.


Steve Oberg said...

Hi David,

Thanks for mentioning the Google Sitemaps tool. I've been thinking about using something similar that's integrated into the blogging software I use (WordPress) as a free plugin. But I wasn't really sure it was worth it until I read your post.


Anonymous said...

I would rather use easier program - WinSitemap