Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The New Cataloger

The New Cataloger by Roy Tennant appears in Library Journal.
I've often said librarians should like any metadata they see. This is because we are entering an age where MARC no longer rules, since the 21st-century library will be handling increasing amounts of born-digital material. Even now, librarians are using formats such as Dublin Core (DC), Metadata Object Description Schema (MODS), and Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard (METS), among others, to capture and manipulate important data about various information resources. One metadata standard is way too inadequate for the job.
Later he goes on to mention ONIX records from publishers. At one time there was talk of someone putting together a list of publishers providing them freely on the Web. Anyone know if this is being done? That and Endnote citation metadata are perhaps the two closest to our bibliographic metadata. They might yield the largest benefit to enriching and exposing our catalogs.

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Roy Tennant said...

I've been doing this at , where I now have over 100,000 records from half-a-dozen publisher. Sure, just a drop in the bucket, but a start at least.