Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Read or Die

R.O.D. is now available in a manga version. Hope it lives up to the anime version.

P.S. May 1. I can't give this a very positive review. The anime, both the series and OVA, are among the best in that media. I had very high hopes that that level of quality would be sustained in the manga. No such luck. The action sequences are confusing. Some of the content, attempted rape of a high school girl by a middle aged man, does not fit well with other story aspects that are just too cute. I'll look at the other titles in the series before purchasing. This one is not recommended. Stick with the anime for now.

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Anonymous said...

I only very briefly skimmed the manga, but I didn't think it had the great pace and cleverness that the anime version did. I'd be willing to give it a more in-depth look, though.