Friday, April 21, 2006


Here are the session I intend to attend at TLA next week.
  • Poppies, Flying Monkeys, and Good Witches; Stephen Abram
  • You Need My Metadata: Demonstrating the Value of Library Cataloging; Shawne D. Miksa
  • Cool Jobs
  • Cataloging Changes; Scott Piepenburg
  • Technology Showcast, Mitinet
  • XML Stylesheet Language; Bill Walker
  • Promoting Our Scholarship, Preserving Our Legacy: Developing a Common Metadata Standard for Electronic Theses and Dissertations; Brian Surratt
  • Institutional Repositories for Scholarly Publishing; Geneva Henry
  • Revolting Librarians Redux; Jessamyn West
  • Whoopie for Wikis!; Jenny Levine and Michael Stephens

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