Tuesday, May 02, 2006

LC series Decision

Does anyone know of a well written description of the problems associated with this decision that would make sense to someone outside the profession? Something that does not require a login, just a plain URL. That excludes some very good postings on RADCAT and AUTOCAT. Thanks.


Jessamyn said...

They've been talking about it on the Council list some and you can get to that without a login. Start at this URL


Jessamyn said...

hmm, you might want to try this link if that looks as bad on your screen as it does on mine.

Anonymous said...

David, why don't you take a whack at it? I haven't seen an explanation that convinced me, a non-cataloger, and I'm open-minded and not totally cat-illiterate. I bet you could do it. Even if I disagreed with your point of view I would respect your opinion and give it fair time. Karen S. "Free Range Librarian"