Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Nature Publishing Group and Metadata

In common with many other scholarly publishers Nature Publishing Group makes citation level metadata available through its RSS feeds using the DC and PRISM vocabularies.

It is also experimenting an SRU wrapper service into its search indexes again exposing result records in DC and PRISM

Question: Would it be useful (or even helpful) to also expose this metadata in MODS? As a complement to DC/PRISM? (And what about ONIX?) What is the sweet spot for libraries/publishers? (We can't really do this without some feedback from you guys. We may not have that level of imagination. Believe. :~)

What do libraries want? What do end-users want? What can publishers do to improve the overall situation? To make our metadata feeds more widely useful?

Our general perception is that an open disclosure of our metadata records will facilitate a third party service ecology which can only be of benefit to all.

Looking for answers. Pretty, please.



Tony Hammond

New Technology, Nature Publishing Group
4 Crinan St., London N1 9XW, UK

Posted with permission.

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MSteffens said...

Hi, it's great to see an SRU interface for Nature!

I'm a developer of a bibliographic application. In my case, MODS XML would be even more useful than DC or PRISM when accessing the Nature feeds programmatically.

Support for OpenSearch + Atom XML with DC & PRISM metadata would be also very useful. Similar to the SRU service, CQL could be used as query syntax. I'm thinking of something similar to this.

Thanks for listening!