Wednesday, May 17, 2006

OCLC Name Authority Service

OCLC has a name authority service using the LC NAF. They have recently improved the matching algorithm.
We developed this service so that remotely located systems -- institutional repository software, for example (DSpace, ePrints UK, CONTENTdm,, Fedora) -- can offer authority control without having to build full authority control modules. Without this service DSpace does not know, for example, that Mark Twain and Samuel Clemens are the same man; nor does it distinguish well between two authors with the same name. With the OCLC Research name authority service, people entering metadata for preprints can make sure the author names are consistent and well-formed.

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Anonymous said...

Hmm. It will even give you full MARC authority in XML. So... is it just me, or can you get for free from the OCLC name authority service something that you previously had to pay a lot of money to OCLC Connexion for? Or could you get free access to the NAF from some other source before too? I've always been somewhat confused about exactly what the NAF is, and what ways (in addition to via OCLC Connexion?) there are to get access to it.

Can anyone clear that up?