Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Identifiers in Public Namespaces

Inkdroid discusses The "info" URI Scheme for Information Assets with Identifiers in Public Namespaces and has some ideas on how it can be used by the library community.
Now why would you *ever* want to express a LCCN as an info-uri? The LoC has spent a lot of time and effort establishing these personal name and subject authorities. You might want to use a URI like info:lccn/no9910609 to identify Tim Berners-Lee as an individual in your data so that other people will know who you are talking about and be able to interoperate with you. For example you can now unambiguously say that Tim Berners-Lee created Weaving the Web
Another public identifier would be an OCLC ID number. How aout the MARC Organizations codes? We have lots we can share and reuse in the wider community.

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Anonymous said...

Hi There:

At risk of being seen to be somewhat "different" or "alternative" I would cite this sentence from the INFO RFC (RFC 4452):

"When referencing an information asset by means of its "info" URI, the asset SHALL be considered a "resource" as defined in RFC 3986 [RFC3986] and SHALL enjoy the same common syntactic, semantic, and shared language benefits that the URI presentation confers."

I would say that's why we would want to participate in the URI naming architecture rather than use yet another identifier scheme which may have been meticulously (if gratituitously) minted.


Tony Hammond