Friday, June 30, 2006


The latest issue of TechKnow, v. 12, no. 2, July 2006 is now available. This issue includes:
  • FAST: Faceted Application of Subject Terminology - A New Spin on an Old Standard / Ione T. Damasco, University of Dayton
  • Mohican II A Roaring Success / Roger M. Miller, Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County
  • A Deaf Librarian's First Time at the OLC's TS Retreat / Julia Dunlap, Arkansas State University
  • Cataloging Playaways--Is it in your Future? / Jeanne Poole, Toledo-Lucas County Public Library
  • Death Dates Added to Some Personal Name Headings / Amey L. Park, Kent State University Libraries and Media Services
Don't you love the ISBD puncutation seperating the titles and statements of responsibility?

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