Thursday, July 27, 2006

Access Level Record for Serials

The Access Level Record for Serials 1: Working Group Final Report is now available.
Declining library budgets, competition from Internet search engines and information services, and the escalating costs of cataloging have caused libraries to emphasize ways to meet user needs while decreasing costs. The Access Level Record for Serials Working Group was formed to develop a single CONSER standard record that would apply to all formats (print as well as online2), replace existing multiple record levels, and reduce serials cataloging costs by requiring in serial records only those elements that are necessary to meet FRBR user tasks. Cost savings and user benefits could also be realized by recording the elements in a way that is more straightforward for the cataloger to provide and easier for the end user to understand. As the name of the record implies, the emphasis of this record is on access points rather than elaborate and often redundant description. The record is intended to be a “floor,” to which additional elements can be added if such elements are essential to meeting FRBR user tasks for a specific resource or to meet the needs of a particular institution.

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