Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I sent this idea off to the Next Generation Catalog list but decided to post it here are well. Why not take a look at MP3 players for ideas on access to content? I've got about 3000 songs and podcasts on my player. I can get to the specific item by various methods, title, artist, genre, recently added, etc. There are only browse lists, no search functions. What they are called, how they work is very well known by the MP3 player users, a large group. Can we leverage their knowledge using this tool to improve their access to items in our catalogs?

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Christina said...

Ah-ha! I was looking for another really popular example of where browse is used along with or instead of search - I always use the shirt shopping example. Thank you! As for applying that to catalogs, isn't that essentially what the Endeca overlay does?