Monday, July 24, 2006

MODS Implementation Registry

A reminder to the MODS community about the MODS Implementation Registry. If you are using MODS in your institution or project, please submit an entry.

Please include:
  1. The MODS project name
  2. Name of the institution or organization implementing MODS
  3. A short description of the MODS project
  4. A URL to the MODS project web site (if available)
  5. Any web site notes
  6. Projected dates of implementation
  7. A URL to any available documentation or specifications developed for the MODS project
  8. Any notes about documentation
  9. A list of any MODS tools developed and or used as part of the MODS project
  10. The MODS version used in the project
  11. Contact name and e-mail address
  12. Any additional contact information.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, there doesn't seem to be a valid URL in this post.

David said...

Sorry. The typo has been fixed.