Monday, July 17, 2006


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Here is the Semacode for Catalogablog.
Semacode's Software Development Kit is a system for ubiquitous computing. Using the Semacode SDK you can create visual tags for objects and contexts, and read them using a mobile camera phone. Our software running on your phone will then deliver you to the appropriate mobile content.

Semacode works by embedding a URL (web address) into a sort of two-dimensional barcode which looks like a dense crossword puzzle (pictured) called the tag. The SDK software contains the capability to detect and decode the tag very rapidly with the camera on your phone. It extracts the URL and sends you to that address using the phone's built-in browser.

What if our barcodes or RIFD tags linked to some content a user could access with their phone? How about tagging an exhibt to connect with other resources both in and out of the library? If you give it a try, let me know if it works.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Catalogablogger,
I like Semacode too. Semacode goes towards the ubicomp world suggested by Bruce Sterling's spimes. This could be a good thing. It may even go futher, toward an info-saturated world of kirkyan timesuits for books/people. Glad to see other librarians picking up on Semacode. Woody