Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Typos in Our Catalogs

This morning I corrected two typos in my catalog, Ethiopia had been misspelled. One time it was in a note field, another time in the subject heading. The note field would just make us look bad, but the subject field can decrease access to the title. (I found this error by checking the errors reported to Libtypos-L. It was spelt Ethopia)

Helping me clean-up my catalog is the Yahoo group Libtypos-L, Typographical errors in library databases. The messages are used to enrich Typographical Errors in Library Databases and More Typographical Errors in Library Databases. We can build the best system interface for our users with all the best from Google, Amazon, and all the Web2.0 features but if we have garbage in our database it just won't matter. Thanks to all those folks searching for and sharing misspellings present in our catalogs.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget to tell us how it was misspelled, so we can check our catalogs!
Thanks for the Libtypos plug.

Anne Knight
LeRoy Collins Leon County Library System
Tallahassee, Florida

Anonymous said...

Does anyone ever run a spell-checker (like, word-processor style dictionary check) against their entire catalog corpus? Why not, if not?


Anonymous said...

Good reminder of the original site, and information about the spin-offs. Thanks, David :)

Unknown said...

There is a product out there to spell check your entire catalog. So someone must have done it. The Spelling Checker for Database Maintenance http://www.itcompany.com/checkerd.htm is a bit pricy for small institutions. It would be a chore for a large university, but maybe worth the effort. Marc Magician and some other tools will spell check records as they are being created.