Monday, August 14, 2006

Access to Classification Schedules

Tim over at Library Thing is Angry about classification. Or at least the lack of access to classification schedules. Lots of comments agree with him.
Preventing open access to Dewey is, of course, in the interest of its owner, OCLC. (We'll leave aside the issue of OCLC's non-profit status.) But why do I need to pay for access to the LC's data? Libraries exist to give information away, and the federal government exists because I consent to and pay for it. So, how does this lead to me paying $575 for a 1-4 user site license of LC's primitive Classification Web? I can't see any way to get that to work with LibraryThing, and my proposed use would also violate their terms of service anyway. These require all users to share the same physical location.

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Joanne Palko said...

CDS (LC's Cataloging Distribution Service) is a cost recovery operation. Plus the software that Class-Web runs on is not a government developed product.alsbddlu