Friday, August 25, 2006


I've just downloaded version 5 of Terry Reese's MarcEdit. Some very nice new features. It has an RSS reader to keep everybody in the loop about updates and news about the tool. It now has a tool to convert delimited text into MARC, export those records from Excel and get them into MARC. They wont meet full-level AACR standards, but they will load. It also includes a MARC validator, checks for errors. My favorite new feature is a URL checker. Point it at the file and validate those URLs. I've been using MarcXGen to convert the records into HTML and then run them against a checker. This is much easier. I'll have to do a time trial and see if it is also faster.

I've installed MarcEdit on my thumb-drive. Now I can bring it to another machine, for instance I can have it at the machine at the reference desk. Thanks Terry for not requiring it to install files all over the place.

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