Monday, August 07, 2006


I recently finished listening to a podcast about tagging by Talis. Some very good points, well worth listening to.

However, I think they did not see beyond the social aspects of tagging. It is true that there has to be a certain mass of tags for them to become useful socially. It is basic networking theory. But if tags are important to our important users in their information management, then they are useful. Tags like: read-next, NG9-1123, or 06-08-01:0815 may not contribute much, if anything, to the community. If it is a senior staff scientist using those, someone who it is in our best interest to keep happy and productive, those tags are valuable. There is a place for tagging in personal knowledge-space management.

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Paul Miller said...

Good point - an equally valid use of the humble tag. Glad you found the podcast of interest.

We're recording DOPA and related issues tomorrow night, which should be online by the end of the week...