Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Texas BarCamp

Austin will be the site of BarCampTexas Saturday August 26th to Sunday 27th. A good opportunity for the L2 folks to mix it up with the Web 2.0 crowd.
What do you want to hear, what do you want to say and what could you live without? Are you an expert in something cool? Is there some trend we should know about?
  • Agile Development experience reports - what has worked in your organization? What hasn't?
  • Scalability. This could be either general routes to engineering for scale, or technology/platform/software stack-specific post mortems (e.g. I know how to do this with LAMP, but I'm curious how RoR would change the picture, or J2EE, or...). What happens when your site's url is in the screen crawl on CNN Headline news?
  • Designing for Mobile/Portable Devices
  • Workshop on Audacity
  • Deploying a Commercial Web Application/Product: War Stories
  • Tips for Building Community & Attracting User Contributions
  • Ad Management Tools: Options other than Google?
  • Calendaring (Caldev, hcalendar, tool comparisons, Outlook exports)
  • Microformats: Commercial Uses

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