Monday, August 21, 2006

TMEA Nomination

Cora lost the nomination. The elementary folks just did not show up at the meetings. When only one or two elementary folks show up it is hard to get the nomination when there are 100 secondary folks present. Even though Cora did pick up some of the secondary votes, it was just never enough. This is why there has not been a TMEA president from the elementary division for 25 years and only 2 in almost 100 years.

I think she could have won, if she ever managed to get on the ballot, but the process works against anyone from the elementary and college divisions getting there. One of the folks on the ballot is from the college division, but they are really an orchestra person, having just started his college position this term.

Cora may run for region rep for AOSA.

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Fiona said...

Better luck next time, Cora. That's what happens when voters do not taking voting seriously. They think it's not their duty.