Friday, September 08, 2006

After MARC

Dan Scott has put up a Wiki After MARC? to serve as a place for discussion about problems with MARC and what, if anything should replace it. Have an axe to grind about MARC, let others know here. This was prompted by the recent Murder MARC discussion started by Karen Coyle taking place so many places.
Let's see if we can find some hard requirements that MARC can't satisfy today, then move on to discussing different ways those requirements can be satisfied and evaluating the alternatives. I think it would be a great start, for example, if Karen could post some real examples of the "kludge after kludge" in our library systems that are caused by a shortcoming in the MARC format (as is suggested in the third paragraph of her "Murdering MARC" post).
BTW if you are not familiar with Wikis, they allow anyone to edit and add to the site from their browser. Have at it.

Well, that had a short life. There is now one covering the same topic, Designing the future -- Library Systems and Data Formats. This one requires a password to create or edit.

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