Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Rights Metadata - PdfLicenseManager

PdfLicenseManager is "a simple Java program to insert a Creative Commons License in a PDF document." No need for Acrobat.
Embedding licensing info in PDF files is important because it enables specifically designed search engines such as Google and Yahoo to recognize and return them when queried for contents with a specific license (especially Creative Commons licenses), and users will not risk to use the authors' work in a way the author does not allow.

The program can both show the licensing information associated with a PDF file (which is contained in the XMP stream) and embed a Creative Commons License into the file.

Now we need a tool to grab that info and place it in the MARC record when we are cataloging on-line resources. A while back Marc-It was a tool to speed-up cataloging Web sites. Not sure if it has continued to develop or its current status. But, something like that, that could drop the info into 506, would be nice.

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