Wednesday, September 27, 2006

SRU Record Update

Get your comments in by October 10 concerning the draft of the SRU Record Update.
The Record Update service allows for remote maintenance from and administration of records within a compliant database. It has a simple and extensible mechanism for this, a single request/response pair that allows for creation, replacing and deleting records and metadata about those records.

The need for such a protocol has been expressed by several groups, but may benefit many. In particular, it is required for datasets which are maintained by distributed collaboration and contribution such as union catalogues, local history databases, book review databases and so on. Going further, it also allows many clients to be created for one service rather than a very tightly linked client/server relationship.

Although the protocol is being developed under the SRU 'umbrella', there is no need to implement SRU. It would be perfectly feasible to implement Record Update in order to maintain a database served only via OAI, or only via a proprietary HTML interface. To contrast OAI and record update, OAI is a pull mechanism to update databases and is used generally for scheduled batch processing, while record update is a push mechanism intended for more interactive use.

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