Saturday, September 23, 2006

Vodcasting in Texas

I just found out that Geek Briefs by Neal and Cali Lewis is done in Dallas. We should get them for TLA. How cool would that be? They could give a talk and maybe tape a show at the conference. Or maybe AMIGOS could get them to do a workshop in Dallas?
Geek Brief TV is a Video Podcast with news about tech tools and toys featuring Cali Lewis. The format is fast, fun, fresh and flirty.

We released the first Geek Brief on December 23, 2005, having never done anything in video production, on camera or off. Within six months, we're having millions of downloads a month, and we keep growing! At exactly our five month mark, we were able to announce that, thanks to PodShow, we quit our day jobs and are now podcasting full time. It's an amazing time to be alive with this new medium!

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