Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Dublin Core and Social Tagging

A new Dublin Core Metadata Initiative group, the DCMI Social Tagging Community.
The DCMI Social Tagging Community is for those who are interested in investigating how the increasingly common practice of informally tagging resources, known as a process of social tagging, can contribute to the goals of the DCMI. It is clear that there is a lot of work being done that might, if slightly formalised, contribute to the quantum of DC metadata in useful ways. It is also of interest to see how tagging can point to terms that are in common use that may be of interest to those developing ontologies, thesauri and controlled vocabularies. There may be other aspects of the practice of tagging that can contribute in some way to DCMI activities.

It is not clear how tagging relates to the activities and practices of the Dublin Core general community, or how tags relate to other metadata, but these are considered interesting questions worthy of discussion.

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