Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Has Cataloguing Become Too Simple?

Has cataloguing become too simple? : why it matters for cataloguers, catalogues and clients by Paul Staincliffe appeared in New Zealand Libraries 49(10).
Modern catalogues have become far removed from their original ideals, and cataloguing standards have declined. Nineteenth-century arguments about whether cataloguing is an art or a science have been overtaken by concerns about a 'dumbing-down' of quality to meet the perceived needs of modern library customers, and by debate about the direction of resources towards digitisation in the clamour for access. Despite rumours of the impending demise of MARC, the format remains standard and is expected to prevail into the foreseeable future. This article has been adapted from a paper delivered at the LIANZA Conference in Napier, N.Z. in September 2003.

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