Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Koha 2.2.6

Koha 2.2.6 has been released and is available.

Koha is the first Open-Source Integrated Library System.

Koha is a full-featured open-source ILS. Developed initially in New Zealand by Katipo Communications Ltd and first deployed in January of 2000 for Horowhenua Library Trust, it is currently maintained by a team of software providers and library technology staff from around the globe.

Koha 2.2.6 is more than 250,000 lines of code, contributed by about 50 different developers (46, +translators).

The 2.2.6 version of Koha is a mature product, with a lot of nice features.

More than 100 libraries are registered as users, and we are sure that at least 300 libraries use the software. There are 2 projects derived from Koha.

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