Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mark's Toolkit for Libraries

Here is a tool for MARC that is being updated and is getting a new name, but the initials will stay the same, MTL.
The MARC Template Library is currently is the process of being renamed (to Mark's Toolkit for Libraries) and completely rewritten. Expect to see lots more here soon. 4 October 2006.

The MARC Template Library is a C++ API (using C++ templates and STL) for reading, writing and processing MARC records. I (Mark Basedow) am using this project to improve my knowledge of the C++ Standard Template Library.

The MTL has currently been compiled and tested with Microsoft Visual C++ Version 6 (sp5), Borland Free Command Line Tools 5.5, and the Mingw compiler (using Bloodshed Dev-C++ 4) on Windows 98 SE. It should work on other platforms with a few changes to the make files.

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