Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Here's an idea, not even half-baked, how about peer-to-peer (P2P) networks of OPACs? Only available items would display. I'd get to pick the institutions I'd have display and whether to display non-circulating items. Something like Limewire. Something visible to TrustyFiles. Should have sent this off to Hackfest.


Unknown said...

Hi David

Run that by me again? What kind of function is it you miss and how is that the P2P-network solve the problem?

Anonymous said...

I'm still thinking this through but I think I like the idea.

So I could go on-line, look up a book, and see that it is not available in my city, but is available in the neighbouring city. I could process the interlibrary loan on-line. Or in a more flexible world, I could drive there and get it. Neat.

Anonymous said...

Hi David

You stimulated some of my own thoughts around the applicability of P2P in the Library domain. Far too many for a comment so I have dropped them in a posting over on Panlibus.