Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Drupalib is a site dedicated to using Drupal in libraries. Among the interesting items is using Drupal for a Digital Library Content Management System, D-Space lite as it were.


Anonymous said...

Having worked with both products, I think that calling Drupal DSpace lite is odd, at best. I see very little, if any, overlap in function between the two programs.

We are working on bringing Drupal to small libraries in a website in a box format and to bigger libraries as the base for highly customized, imminently maintainable sites.

Catalogablog said...


I was not saying Drupal was D-Space-lite, rather that the Digital Library Content management System using Drupal was. Here is the description from their site:

My goal is to develop a single Drupal module, called DLCMS, that packages up the document handlers and allows implementors to create a digital collection quickly and easily without having to perform unreasonable amounts of configuration or customization. This module, combined with Drupal's new "install profiles" (a technique to enable the preconfiguration of Drupal for specific applications) should reduce the amount of work needed to set up a lightweight digital collection management system to a minimum.