Wednesday, November 01, 2006


OpenFRBR is a open-source tool built using Ruby on Rails and using MySQL to FRBRize bibliographic records. Not sure just what it does. here is the set of goals:
  • OpenFRBR says it will build a complete free implementation of FRBR (Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records).
  • OpenFRBR says, "Everyone FRBRize everything."
  • OpenFRBR says that the entities, the relationships, and the user tasks are all equally important.
  • OpenFRBR says that both people and machines need good interfaces.
  • OpenFRBR says it will borrow the algorithms it can and invent the ones it must.
  • OpenFRBR says it is not an integrated library system. OpenFRBR says, "That which is not FRBR belongs to that which is not OpenFRBR."
  • OpenFRBR says it is under the MIT License.
  • OpenFRBR looks at FRAR (Functional Requirements for Authority Records) and says, "Everyone FRARize everything." When FRSAR (Functional Requirements for Subject Authority Records) is ready, OpenFRBR will look at it and say, "Everyone FRSARize everything." Everything that OpenFRBR says about FRBR it says about FRAR and FRSAR.
Seen on the FRBR weblog.

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