Tuesday, December 19, 2006

New Cataloging and Acquisitions Web site at LC

An announcement from LC:
During the first week of January 2007, the Library of Congress will launch a new Cataloging and Acquisitions Web site, illustrated below, which will provide a single source for all cataloging and acquisitions-related material available from the Library of Congress. This new Web site will replace the current Cataloging, Cataloging Policy and Support Office, and Acquisitions Web sites, and will also include links to cataloging and acquisitions-related material on other Web sites maintained by the Library, such as the Program for Cooperative Cataloging, MARC Standards, Cataloging Distribution Service, etc. When the new site is launched, users who have bookmarked the former sites will automatically be redirected to the new Cataloging and Acquisitions home page. All material available on the three current sites will be accessible via this new home page.

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