Thursday, December 28, 2006

Reston Regional Library

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting the Reston Regional Library. In late afternoon it was busy. Folks were checking Value Line on-line, the books on CD, browsing in the stacks, and on the public Internet access machines. The parking lot was about 75% full. Seems to be well used by the local community. They had a good selection of computer books, including many animal titles, and downloadable audio-books.


Anonymous said...

I took a peak at the Reston site, and liked it very much. What caught my attention the were the fact that the library's services are described on the home page, and the links to selections of various types and forms of materials.

It looks like you're having a really nice trip!

Happy 2007 to you both :)

Anonymous said...

Make that "peek!" I used to be a really good speller...