Tuesday, December 05, 2006


WOMBLINK is a simple easy tool that may help get some weblog postings about your library.
WOMBLINK is a simple way for libraries to encourage word-of-mouth advertising by the blogging patrons -- hence the name, Word of Mouth Blog LINK. By adding a "blog this" link to your library web pages, you create a one-click way for bloggers to link to your site from their blog post. Sure, most blogging software products (TypePad, Moveable Type, Blogger, Bloglines, etc.) provide bookmarklets for the blogger to use -- but if the blogger is at a different computer, those don't work.

When bloggers click the WOMBLINK on your web page, they get a two-line snippet of HTML code to paste into their blog post about your library event, new book list, press release, or what have you. It links directly to the page they were on, and can include your library's logo.

I'm not crazy about the name, but it looks like a useful idea. Seen on RSS4Lib.

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