Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Call to Koha Users

LibLime, the support company for Koha, posted this announcement:
The Koha project is working to improve Koha's visibility by adding Koha users to an important automation list. This list is maintained by Marshall Breeding (U.S. researcher), and tracks libraries worldwide and what ILS they are using. Marshall puts out a library technology guide every year (this year's is upcoming) which is very influential in helping libraries select an automation system.

Traditionally, Koha has not been included in his guide, and we are trying to change that this year :) In fact, Marshall has specifically invited Koha users to include themselves in the guide, to ensure open-source automation gets the recognition it deserves. We've been encouraging Koha users to add information about themselves to the site, and adding libraries ourselves as we come across them.

If your library is using Koha, make sure you are counted! To make sure your library has already been added to Marshall Breeding's list, you can do a search for your library.

If your library is not listed, you can add yourself.

You'll need to add your library by the end of the month to be counted for this year's guide.

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