Thursday, January 04, 2007

OPAC Replaced by FISH

Christopher Harris at Infomancy has an OPAC replacement, a FISH. FISH: Free (as in kittens) Integrated Search Handler. Using freely available tools has put together a system to replace the catalog. Seeing what he has done is fascinating and inspiring.

With all the work being done by the Koha and Evergreen folks and the SOLR/Lucene crowd, and the eXtensible Catalog, it seems like open-source solutions for the OPAC will become more attractive options to the large commercial products.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for checking out FISH. Kind of heady to be included in the same sentence as Evergreen and the eXtensible Catalog as they have both been huge inspirations for our work! What we had created ended up being very similar to the development path used for eXtensible Catalog - just on a very small scale. Without the resources to tackle Lucene directly, the release of IBM OmniFind Yahoo Edition as a free search engine able to crawl up to 500,000 records was the last piece in our puzzle.

It should be interesting to see if other projects using this free version of OmniFind emerge. Speaking more from a K-12 perspective, OmniFind's ability to crawl (and cache) a directory of word documents to enable full text searching makes something like a lesson plan repository that much easier.