Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Outline Processor Mark­up Language (OPML)

Gear Up Your Research Guides with the Emerging OPML Codes by Kimberley Wilcox appears in the Nov./Dec. 2006 issue of Computers in Libraries.
Think about your typical Web-based research guide: It's a list of books, articles, and selected Web sites on a given topic. Such a guide is great for introducing users to a subject and pointing them to your library's resources on that subject. But traditional research guides aren't so great for introducing readers to the very latest resources on their topic, or for engaging them in new online discussions of that topic. What if you could create a dynamic research guide that displays the latest headlines from selected blogs, feeds of new book and article titles from the library's catalog and databases, and audio and video files--along with your traditional Web links and bibliographies? Even better, what if this guide could be syndicated so that people were able to subscribe to it and automatically receive updated versions in their RSS aggregators?
I like OPML because it is so simple and low-maintaience.

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