Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Bryan Baldus made this announcement on AUTOCAT perl4lib.
I have posted new versions of MARC::Errorchecks (to CPAN and my home page), MARC::Lint::CodeData (included in Errorchecks, my home page, and most recent version will be available in CVS on SourceForge, as part of MARC::Lint), and MARC::Lintadditions (at my home page only, since I would eventually like to move these checks into MARC::Lint). I have also posted a new version of LCSHchangesparserpl110.txt (to the inprocess directory of my home page). The script is used to parse a text version of LC's weekly new and changed headings Web pages to leave a tab-delimited text file of headings that have changed. Following LC's recent website redesign, the script currently complains about the first lines of the input files, but it seems to do a reasonably good job of creating the list of changed headings.

A question: Both MARC::Lint and MARC::Errorchecks in CPAN include a copy of MARC::Lint::CodeData. Should I update MARC::Lint to version 1.43 with the only change being the inclusion of the new version 1.14 of CodeData?

I have posted a new module, MARC::Lint::Lint_Authority.pm. This will be a module essentially copying MARC::Lint, but with a data section and methods for validating MARC format for Authority data rather than Bibliographic. An initial version of this module appears in the inprocess directory. I have not done much testing, but what little I have done seems to successfully do basic lint validation.

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