Friday, February 23, 2007

NH Classification

Here is a special classification I'd not meet before, NH Classification Schedule for Artistic Photography. Makes sense, at first glance. Why have some art books in the technology area, just because of the tools used? BTW are the computer art books in art or technology?
The NH schedule is designed for the classification of photography books of an artistic nature. It was initially compiled for the 4th edition of N, which was issued in 1970. When the Library of Congress rejected the proposed subclass for art photography, it was published by ARLIS/NA in 1974. NH has been adopted by a number of libraries with strong collections of artistic photography as an alternative to TR, which emphasizes the technical aspects of photography.


E. Daniel said...

I can't believe I am reading this in your blog today! Just yesterday, my library director asked me to research whether or not we wanted to consider cataloging a newly donated collection of photography materials using the NH classification. I'm in the midst of soliciting advice from others who are using it (and those who chose not to) and it's an interesting process. Having been a cataloger of photography books for many years, I've always found the Library of Congress TR schedule to be woefully inadequate. But the task of having to assign call numbers to all new book, re-classify and re-shelve those we already have, and the money involved in the extra work will likely give us reason to keep using LC's TR schedule. Too bad they rejected it years back.

Ashok said...

I will definitely start to have a very good collection of photography material using the NH classification.

Olaf said...

Happy belated birthday! I turned 30 this year, so it was a big one.